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The use of decorative wrought iron accents within modern design and architecture provides a classic motif that looks and feels luxurious. It complements the entire landscape of your property by adding style and utility. Iron Rails Canada offers you the hottest trends in exterior and interior home design. The enhancements we add to your walkway, front door, windows, balconies, driveway entrance or other areas become a focal point of your home that will make you stand out from the rest.

We have more than 40 years of experience, are fully certified and guarantee a quality installation each and every time. You will be inspired every time you look at your house. Our most typical projects consist of stair handrails, balcony or roof railings, deck railings, garden fences, security fences, and iron gates. Book an appointment with one of our skilled estimators to request a custom estimate for your project or contact us for a telephone consultation.

Iron Railings

Sometimes referred to as balusters, hand railings enclose a stairway or open area offering something to grab onto and prevent people from falling when passing through this area. Adding wrought iron railings to your walkway or entrance will not only add curb appeal with a look that is all luxury, it will bring the elegance of the indoors to the outside. Modern railings also come in the form of exterior trimmings like roof rail additions to faux balconies or windows. A rich look and extravagant feel is achieved when we combine classically crafted pieces with contemporary design.

Iron Gates

If you have a substantial area leading from your driveway entrance up to your home, the addition of a wrought iron gate provides great beauty and security. These magnificent gates are often used outside large properties or sizeable estates such as luxury homes, housing communities, commercial grounds, business parks, golf courses, equestrian parks and farms. There are many styles to chose from that will give a distinctive look and will beautify any entrance while serving to create a barrier between your private property and the roadways.

Iron Fencing

Preventing unwanted traffic or trespassers from entering onto private property requires security measures such as an opposing iron fence that will act as a deterrent. A security guard and surveillance cameras may be an added measure if your property houses extremely valuable assets that may be enticing to thieves, but nothing frustrates would be thieves more than a solid iron fence with spikes atop surrounding the entire perimeter offering little chance for entry. Even if security is not the highest of priorities, the timeless and classic look of iron fencing makes any property more beautiful.

Residential and Commercial

We service every type of customer, from individual homeowners to industrial businesses to municipal properties. Just as homeowners look to beautify and protect their homes while increasing market resale value, there is a necessity for many businesses to keep their properties well kept and secure. Many communities have a renewal program, or are associated with Business Improvement Areas. Modernizing is understood to be one of the best investments that can be made to a property, so it is encouraged to insist on high quality products that will endure the seasons and last a long time.


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